Terra biocare Line

Terra biocare Line

Terra biocare is an organic line dedicated to all those who wish to commit to a more aware, ethical, and eco-sustainable lifestyle. The Terra biocare range was developed to marry the principle of respect for the environment with efficacy of performance. These are the values that we believe in and that we have incorporated into our natural, organic products for the care, beauty, and well-being of the body.

What does this mean?

Usually, organic principles focus on the safeguarding of the planet with little regard for the efficacy of the product. BeC-natura has flipped this tendency on its head and proved that organic principles and performance can go hand in hand. A product made from natural, organic ingredients can and must be effective whilst respecting the world around us. Today, many companies promote the slogan “environmentally friendly” but where do you draw the line between respect for the environment and effectiveness of the product?

If consumers' needs are not satisfied and they are disappointed with an organic product, they will stop using it, meaning the good intentions are all in vain. BeC-natura has revolutionised this idea, showing that with research and investment, an organic product can also be very effective.

For 35 years now, BeC-natura has been working in full harmony with nature and mankind.

The Terra biocare range gives you results.

It has been developed with innovative, revolutionary formulas using extremely high-quality organic raw materials with all stages of production having undergone rigorous supervision.

Why are organic principles problematic in relation to cosmetics?

When we talk about organic food, we mean the kind which is closely connected to agronomic techniques, such as crop rotation, use of fertilisers, , and many other techniques that strictly exclude the use of artificial products. However, regulations for cosmetics are more fragmented and do not have nationwide or EU wide stipulations.

This is why it is necessary to provide a solution that guarantees high research, production, and marketing standards for cosmetic products. To guarantee these standards, there are specific certification bodies like Ecocert Greenlife, which implement strict disciplinary controls that BeC-natura adheres to.

In fact, the Ecocert Greenlife certified organic range is dedicated to all those who wish to follow a more aware and eco-sustainable lifestyle, without ever compromising on the efficacy of the product. Terra biocare products adhere to strict controls. They are certified and guaranteed. Over 99% of their ingredients are natural with a high percentage of ingredients derived from organic farming.

The efficacy tests leave no room for doubts; the results are assured. After only 2 weeks, the results are clear to see - smooth, firm, and reinvigorated skin with harmonious toning. Goodbye wrinkles!