Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement

Nutritional supplements improve the corpus, compensate for deficiencies, and allow our bodies to work at their best. They are not like other tablets and we can think of them as concentrated formulas of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, extracts, fibres, etc. Supplements enrich our diet and provide the essential nutrients which improve our well-being and meet our bodies'needs.

In fact, nutritional supplements augment our normal diet and contribute to the body's well-being without replacing a varied diet. Be careful not to confuse nutritional supplements with dietary products designed to meet the nutritional and physiological needs of a specific group of people.

BeC-natura has developed a wide range of nutritional supplements which meet various needs and lifestyles: antioxidants, supplements to relieve fatigue, enhance performance, to detox, for digestion and intestinal regularity, for inflammation, to improve memory and concentration, to combat free radicals and keep the skin young and healthy, to improve mood, reduce stress, and for all vegetarian and vegan diets. The use of supplements is recommended to athletes to improve their performance, to students under stress, and for children and the elderly.

What ingredients do you find in BeC-natura supplements?

Supplements are the most effective way of dealing with health issues naturally. They contain vitamins, mineral salts, dried extracts, fibres, and essential oils. For example: Artichoke and Olive protect liver cells; Dandelion helps detox and diuresis; Goldenrod and Orthosiphon reduce water retention; Echinacea strengthens the immune system; Essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender have a calming effect; Vitamins A, E, C and the minerals Ramen, Zinc, and Selenium act as antioxidants.

The herbal extracts used in BeC-natura's supplements are titrated, which is to say they contain natural active ingredients, all of which are checked and guaranteed to consistently provide the same benefits and safety. On the subject of safety, all BeC-natura supplements are tested to ensure the absence of allergens, dietary toxins, and heavy metals.