Bath and Body Hair Care Line

Bath and Body Hair Care Line

Personal cleansing involves the care of the face, body, intimate hygiene and hair.

Daily care and attention to hygiene is fundamental to general health and well-being as well as playing a role in beauty.

Beautiful skin must first be healthy, and beautiful hair requires a healthy scalp.

Feeling good about yourself is important, because hair loss, static and brittle hair, oily hair, alopecia and unpleasant odour can make you feel uncomfortable.

Recommended method:

The Bath, Hair, and Hygiene range has been developed with active ingredients for personal care to guarantee maximum freshness every day.

These products contain gentle, dermo-friendly, herbal cleansers. Hygiene and deep cleansing are guaranteed by the herbal extracts and the natural essential oils with their antimicrobial properties.

The cleansers are suitable for every skin type and each fulfil the various cleansing needs; intimate and oral hygiene, hygiene of the hair and for psoriasis.