Protect your skin

When the hot weather arrives, the beaches fill up and we are all quick to run to the sun and tan. Sun, sea, and sand … but don’t forget sun protection!


Protect yourself from the sun’s rays

Do you know that UVA and UVB and infrared rays are the main causes of rashes, burns, and the much feared ageing of the skin? The sun can damage the skin if you do not use the appropriate protection. Should I give up tanning? In truth, you do not need to give up the pleasure of feeling the sun on your skin but you must remember the first rule of perfect tanning: before lying in the sun to enjoy the heat, choose your protection!


Prepare for sun exposure

Did you know that the skin needs to be prepared for exposure to the sun? In fact, it is advisable that before going to the beach, pool, or into the mountains one uses Radical Stop® and Crema Fluida Doposole (aftersun lotion) some months before sun exposure. This good habit will allow your skin to be prepared.


If you do not know what to choose, take a look at your skin: which phototype are you?

Yes, your choice of the right product will depend on your phototype, a dermatological classification which divides skin types based on the quantity of melanin present in the skin. The 6 recognised photo types are determined by hair colour and skin colour. The lighter the skin, the lower the prototype and the more sensitive to the sun it will be. This is the case for children and people with very light complexions.

If you don’t know what your phototype is, don’t worry: you can use the following nomogram to choose the right protection for your skin.

Before, During and After

After sun



High protection

Low protection sunscreen

Medium protection

Spots and scars

Sun preparation

Sun tanning treatment

After sun

Why is it necessary to use a good after sun?

The sun's rays dehydrate the skin and cause redness, putting it under stress.

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