Sport Products

Sports activities maintain a psycho-physical balance capable of improving your quality of life.


Did you know that people engaging in sports are generally more active, healthy, and relaxed?

Therefore, sports are a magnificent release valve, because when we indulge in sports, we shed tension, accumulated stress, sweat, and toxins. Sport is important since it causes a release of endorphins, which is a well-being hormone. Playing sports is a way of continuously putting yourself to the test, both physically and mentally. Having targets and being motivated are indispensable to good health.


Which are the benefits of indulging in sports?

Staying active is good for all ages as it improves stamina, respiration, improves the body’s response to seasonal flu and seasonal ailments, and also increases the amount of energy used by the body with a subsequent decrease in body weight.

This is why keeping active is imperative if you want to lose weight.

BeC natura has created the Sports range which is committed to athletes and their requirements. As a part of this range, you will find products for cleansing and hydration, nutritional supplements, and products for reinvigorating and cooling down the muscles.

In this range, you will also find a solution to blisters.

Gymnastics, swimming, water aerobics, football… choose a sport and start testing yourself.

Needs and Treatments Sport

Blisters and boils

Body cleanser

Contusions and sufferings


Muscle stiffness

Performance and endurance

Redness and irritation

Relaxing and refreshing



Blisters and boils

Why do blisters and boils form?

Often the formation is caused by the use of unsuitable shoes, the foot, forced in too wide or too narrow shoes, increases sweating and rubbing with the consequent formation of blisters

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