All mothers want the best products to ensure the health of their children and know that their children’s skin is more sensitive and vulnerable compared to adult skin.


And, do you know how to treat babies’ skin?

The cleansing and protection of children’s skin requires specifically formulated products. From cleansers for baby bath, soothing and protective creams for the nappy area, to the range of sun protection, the products must be delicate and safe for use at the early stages of life. In fact, our baby line meets all the skins daily cleansing, protection, and hydration needs.

For Babies

Atopic dermatitis

Cleansing and baby hygiene

Diaper zone

Milky crust


Redness and irritation

Skin and sensitive hair

Atopic dermatitis

Why do infants suffer from atopic dermatitis?

Many children suffer from atopic dermatitis, they suffer mainly from it in the first months of life. It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes dryness and itching.

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For Mums

Body cleanser


Intimate Hygiene

Skin spots

Stretch marks

Swell legs

Swollen ankles

Weight loss and silhouette

Body cleanser

Why body cleanser is important?

For healthy, deep and safe body cleansing, BeC offers you a series of natural and organic products suitable for all skin types.

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