In our opinion, the advice is knowing how to find a path that can get the desired results from all the customers who turn to our company to meet their needs.

In relation to the different possibilities of use of BeC products, the methodologies of use have been studied in response to each specific need, with the aim of providing professionals and institutions that turn to BeC a continuous update to the most rational and efficient use. of products.

Since BeC is aimed at professionals and companies, whose goal is the satisfaction of the end customer, consulting is also seen as a business analysis, as identification of customer needs and business development based on the specialization of their business based on the needs that emerge from its customers.

Finally, the consultancy is aimed at better planning of activities and sales, optimal management of the warehouse with the relative ability to reduce costs, and finally an orientation and an attitude to the continuous improvement of customer service.

Partecipazione a fiere internazionali per promuovere i prodotti di B E C - S.R.L. sui mercati esteri

Progetto cofinanziato con i fondi POR FESR a valere sul bando “Progetti di promozione dell’export e per la partecipazione a eventi fieristici 2018 – 2019 . Annualità 2018” - Por Fesr 2014-2020, Asse 3, azione 3.4.1

Progetto di espansione commerciale sui mercati esteri di B E C - S.R.L.cofinanziato dal sistema camerale e dalla Regione Emilia Romagna a valere sul BANDO PER LA CONCESSIONE DI CONTRIBUTI A PROGETTI DI “PROMOZIONE EXPORT EINTERNAZIONALIZZAZIONE INTELLIGENTE” 2^ annualità 2018