Registration Is it

Necessary to register on the site before placing an order?

Anyone can access and browse our site without limitations, but if you want to place an order you need to access the system through the “Account” button by entering the username (username) and password chosen during registration to be recognized as a registered user. However, you can also order as a guest, entering your data for billing and shipping at the end of the purchase process.

How can i register?

When you are about to place an order, registration on the site is mandatory. Registration takes place at check out and billing and shipping data are requested.

Can I change my registration data?

Changing data is simple, just log in to your account and edit your personal data.

Is my personal data protected if I create an account?

Certainly, BEC operates in accordance with Law 675/1996 and its subsequent amendments and additions, and in particular with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and EU Reg. 2016/679 regarding personal data and it is our duty to protect your data.


I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

With the forgotten password option we will help you recover it immediately!

Can I unsubscribe from the site?

You can unsubscribe from the BEC-NATURA.COM website by sending an email to requesting the cancellation of your account. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, simply click on “unsubscribe” in the newsletter received.


How can I place an order?

Placing an order online is very simple. The items you have selected will remain in the cart for 30 minutes, should you temporarily leave the page. Select the desired products and add them to the cart. You can continue shopping or checkout if you have found everything you need. If you are in a hurry or are not sure of buying a product immediately, you can add it to the wishlist, to place your orders later. The products remain in the wishlist indefinitely and you can order them as long as they are available. Your account stores the pre-selected addresses and payment methods, making order completion faster and easier. Before continuing, check that everything is correct. You will receive an email from the BeC shipping office with the tracking number as soon as the order is shipped. In the hours prior to delivery you will receive a notification from the GLS courier regarding the order being delivered.

What is the wishlist?

The wishlist allows you to create a personalized list in which to insert all the products that interest you and that you want to keep for future orders. To add a product to your wishlist: Click on the heart-shaped icon ♥ on each page. Of course, you can remove the products you no longer care about from the wishlist or move them to the cart if you decide to buy them instead.also You canshare your wishlist with anyone you want, through the share function, present on the wishlist page.

Can I modify my cart?

Click on the cart icon to view the products you have ordered. You can increase or decrease the quantity with the arrows next to the number of the indicated quantity, or you can delete the products previously inserted and continue browsing.

Can I get a delivery to a different address?

During registration you have the possibility to enter a shipping address different from that of your home. Your order will be automatically associated with the stored addresses, but you can always choose to change it.

How can I modify my order?

The purchase order cannot be changed. If you have forgotten to add a product or want to change an ordered product, we ask you to contact us on tel. 0543-725802 or write to: to request the cancellation of the order. The order will be canceled only if the shipment has not yet taken place, and the payment will be refunded via paypal if the amount has not yet been collected.

I made an order but I forgot a product, what can I do?

In general, it is not possible to modify an order submitted with the payment completed and successful. However, if necessary, you can contact customer service at the following email address:

How can I recover the purchase invoice?

If you need an invoice, you can request it by writing to:

When will the ordered goods be shipped?

The purchased goods will be immediately prepared at our warehouses. Delivery times to the main locations (provincial capitals and large inhabited centers) are around 1-2 working days, except in exceptional cases of force majeure such as: weather events, strikes, etc. For secondary locations, such as small-medium sized municipalities and main islands, delivery times are around 2-3 working days. For poor locations, very small towns, mountain resorts, remote locations and smaller islands, the deliveries will take place in 4-5 working days. Shipments are made within 24 hours from the order. For all orders sent from 14.00 on Friday until 8.00 on Monday morning, shipments will be made at 15.00 on Monday itself.

I received the package but something is missing, what can I do?

If in controlling the goods received, you realize that something is missing than what you ordered and have not received communications from us on merchandise temporarily unavailable, please contact us immediately by writing an email to the following address:

How can any returns?

If you buy as a consumer you can take advantage of the right of withdrawal and the guarantee of conformity of the products, as provided in the conditions of sale. In case of receipt of defective products or, in any case, not conforming to the invoiced orders, you can request their replacement on condition that the defect found is reported in the terms of the sales contract. To those who have purchased on the Site and who do not have the quality of consumers, the guarantees for defects of the thing sold will be applied, the guarantee for the lack of promised and essential quality and the other guarantees provided by the civil code with the related terms, forfeiture and limitations. For all the hypotheses provided above, we remind you that the integrity of the goods to be returned is an essential condition for the completion of the return procedure. The goods to be returned must be sent to the registered office of the company BEC SRL, located in Forlì in via Monteverdi, 47/49/51 – 47122 Forlì (FC). If the customer has exercised the right of withdrawal, he must return the product no later than the fifteenth day after receipt, by direct delivery and shipment by forwarding the product to BeC Srl c / o the office indicated above.

I have received the package but it is damaged, what can I do?

In any case, even if you do not qualifies as a consumer, in the event that the external package reaches its destination damaged (bend, scratch, dent, wet packaging, etc) we advise you to do one of the following ways: a) Refuse delivery and promptly send a report to by entering the order number in the subject. b) Collect the package by adding the following wording in the transport document “with specific control reserve”. We therefore invite you to carefully check the state of the packaging, making sure that it is not damaged, dented, scratched, wet, etc. In any case, we ask you to report the non-receipt (or reception “with reserve”) promptly so to allow us to meet your needs more quickly.

What are the security guarantees in providing my credit card details?

We recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and the security of your data! Our site does not receive or record your credit card information because the payment is managed directly on the Paypal circuit with encrypted and secure systems. We have chosen to adopt the Paypal circuit for all payments, for the following reasons: customers can pay with their PayPal account , customers can pay if they do not have a PayPal account, with all the main credit cards, such as: American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Elettro, Aura, Discover; the payment procedure optimized for mobile devices, the One Touche payment method and the integrated anti-fraud protection.

Can product prices change without notice?

Absolutely yes. BeC srl reserves the right to vary the prices of the products also daily based on commercial evaluations, offers and deadlines. It is not possible to estimate these variations which are often caused by sudden changes in purchase prices from suppliers or monetary fluctuations.

FreeGola is a mouth hygiene product, because it says that it cannot be ingested?

According to Regulation 1223/2009 a cosmetic product is “any substance or mixture intended to be applied on the external surfaces of the human body (epidermis, hair system and hair, nails, lips, external genital organs) or on the teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth for the purpose exclusively or mainly to clean them, perfume them, change their appearance, protect them, keep them in good condition or correct body odors “.
Toothpaste, or a mouthwash, or a breath spray, even if they are used in the mouth are cosmetic. Free Gola belongs to this family of products.
The European cosmetics law referred to above categorically excludes that a cosmetic is ingested and obliges the manufacturer to indicate it as a warning in the package. So for all cosmetics the ‘rule’ of not ingesting applies. Normally we write it on the packaging in the form “for external use”, which means the same thing as “do not ingest”. Simply, this product has been made clearer, since it is a mouth hygiene product.
We did not want to create any alarm and an accidental ingestion of small quantities that can be obtained with a delivery do not involve any danger, however we are obliged to report the warnings required by law.
The product was created to give a sensation of freshness and refresh the breath and achieves its purpose thanks to the presence of essential oils, which sprayed on the oral mucosa evaporate leaving the mouth fresh and fragrant.
At the link there are also other recommended uses for the product, which performs its function also through different applications.