About us

About us

We have had a market presence since 1980, thanks to the founding partners, Bruno Coliva and Elda Bedetti.

Since our inception, we have distinguished ourselves by creating high-quality cosmetic products, designed for both professional and personal use. Our team of chemists, cosmetologists, researchers and nutrition experts have enabled us to keep growing in the pursuit of personal well-being through research. BeC-natura searches for the perfect synergy between modern chemical and biochemical research and ancient herbalist traditions.

Our production labs, as well as our research and quality control labs, observe strict quality controls and a rigorous process of trialling and efficacy testing to meet these demands. In 1997, we launched our new production unit of natural dietary supplements to help balance a regular diet.

This food supplement development further enriches our wide range of specially designed cosmetic products for overall skin health, protecting the skin from overexposure to the sun, and hygienic body care.

All BeC- natura products are of high quality, made from the purest raw materials, and are developed based on extensive scientific research. We have fused modern research with ancient herbalist traditions to create safe and effective products. We would like to remind you that all our products are certified.

We are proud to list the European awards and prestigious accreditations that we have achieved within our field: UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, ECOCERT, Qualità Vegetariana e V Label Cosmetics (Vegan).