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We explore NATURE to find revolutionary formulas that take care of persons and really satisfy their needs. It is not about magic formulas; it is about the conscientious research of the best raw materials and their skillful combination, which benefits from 40 years of experience, combining the most ancient knowledge with the most modern science.

Our roots sink into the heart of the Wellness Valley, in Forlì, where our company has grown. We fused modern scientific research with ancient herbal traditions, giving life to unique, synergic, functional products. We personally take care of every step, from the initial project up to manufacture and distribution.


Every formula by BeC is based on respect.
Respect is not only meant toward the equilibriums of our body, but it also extends toward the Planet we live in. This is why BeC products are formulated with the purest natural ingredients, they are free from products of animal origin or that have caused sufferance, they are free from GMO and are all certified Qualità Vegetariana (= vegetarian quality) and V-Label Vegan. Additionally, every activity is certified according to an Environment-Quality System ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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"Let nature be your teacher"
William Wordsworth

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