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Research activity

Research has always been the starting point at BeC, philosophy and at the heart of production.
BeC has been designing and producing its own brand of products for years. It’s recognised as being synonymous with quality and reliability. Applied research is the basis for making excellent products. This aspect often goes unrecognised by the consumer but is of great importance to us at BeC.

The beating heart of the company consists of 4 labs, each equipped with modern, sophisticated scientific and technological instruments where a team of scientists, nutritionists, experts, and technical specialists work on each stage of every product, right from its conception to its manufacture, from analysis to product development.

The quality of BeC-natura products is continually monitored by the company. The high reliability of the information provided to the customer is where the strength of the company lies and what sets the company apart.

In the age of globalization there are a very few companies which produce their own products independently without relying on a third party. BeC is one of those few. Every aspect of BeC products, from conception to development, realisation, distribution and after-sales customer care, is carried out by BeC alone.

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University conventions

Since 2003, BeC’s labs have been recognised and accredited by the Ministry for Education and the Ministry for Universities and Research (M.i.u.r.) as a private research entity with the potential for conducting studies on behalf of third parties, undertaking scientific collaborations with businesses and governmental institutions.

BeC-natura’s research and innovation extends into the world of academia, since in this context, it can only be strengthened and given stimulus to be able to grow and always offer the best to the customer. It is no coincidence that BeC-natura is the “golden sponsor” of the Master’s degree in Health and Skin Products (HNP) at the University of Ferrara, and that it works closely with the University Alma Mater of Bologna, the University of Padua, and the Technical Institute ITIS G. Marconi di Forlì for completion of degree theses and internships.