At the basis of each BeC formula there is respect, not only intended towards the balance of our body but also towards the planet we live in. Let’s explore NATURE to find revolutionary formulas that take care of the person and truly satisfy their needs. These are not magic formulas, but the scrupulous search for the best raw materials and their skilful combination resulting from 40 years of experience, integrating the most ancient knowledge and the most modern science.


25 November 2016

On 25 November 2016, the event dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and health products was held at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples. During the awards ceremony, BeC received the "VALU-CERT: the value of certification for having actively engaged in disseminating the importance of organic certification for the Terra Biocare line and for the correctness and transparency of communication with the consumer. To collect the prize our Dr. Oriana Chinni, head of R&D cosmetics. Born in 2005, the FARMAFFARI Marketing Award rewards the best advertising messages in the health sector by showing the trend of cosmetic companies to purchase certifications aimed at demonstrating a particular commitment to respect the environment and the consumer.


'' Made in Italy is an ancient prestige. It is based on creativity that combines quality and inventiveness. '' - Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers has created a certification system according to which the producers distinguish their creations from those of doubtful Italian origin, giving certainty to the consumer on the origin and quality of the product. The 100% Made in Italy certification is issued after a careful series of checks to ensure that the entire production chain is totally made in Italy and that the products are: formulated with natural and quality materials, built on Typical Traditional Workings and made in full Respect for Work Hygiene and Safety.

Terra Biocare

BeC Certifications

Each activity carried out in BeC is certified by a UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 Quality Environment system
All BeC cosmetics contain more than 97% of ingredients of natural origin, they are free of ingredients of animal origin, they are free of GMOs, they do not contain silicones, petrolatum, SLES or SLS, parabens, formaldehyde cessors, alcohol and artificial colors.

All BeC food supplements contain exclusively titrated plant extracts and essential oils, as well as pure vitamins and minerals. They do not contain ingredients of animal origin, GMOs, dyes and preservatives of any kind. They are packaged in vegetable gelatin capsules and prepared and sealed in a clean room with a controlled atmosphere, to guarantee the highest possible safety standards, even in the total absence of preservatives.

All BeC products are tested for the absence of nickel and heavy metals, for allergens and toxins


BeC natura products certifications

BeC natura products are all Vegetarian Quality and Vegan V-Label certified. They are also all 100% Made in Italy certified. The packaging of our products is FSC® certified paper with the aim of helping to stop deforestation worldwide.
These certificates denote the scrupulous attention that exists in the company, aimed at maintaining the highest standards of quality and respect for the planet.

Terra biocare products certifications

  • The products of the Terra biocare line are V-label Vegan certified and 100% Made in Italy, to guarantee the origin and respect for all sensitivities.
  • All Terra biocare products are organic and certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to their own specification and according to the COSMOS Organic specification. This guarantees the best sustainability for the environment and the maximum use of natural ingredients from certified organic agriculture, according to the most rigorous international standards.



Examine the cosmetics, their ingredients, their production method and the environmental impact of each single step. The basic principles of the Ecocert standard provide that the environmentally friendly cosmetic product uses natural ingredients from renewable sources and is produced only with eco-compatible processes.
There are two levels of certification, NATURAL and ORGANIC, our Terra biocare cosmetics are ORGANIC certified. Obtaining the ECOCERT ORGANIC certification is a great pride, as it imposes very strict standards and provides for accurate and scrupulous controls and inspections.


In order to bring order to the complex world of organic certifications and to unify the various standards, the five main European certification bodies have created the common COSMOS standard which has become the international reference point and since 2018 replaces the certifications of individual bodies for each new product (certified products before 2018 remain in force). COSMOS also has two levels of NATURAL and ORGANIC certification. The COSMOS ORGANIC certification chosen for Terra biocare is the most restrictive of all, even a more restrictive hint of Ecocert Organic.


The ORGANIC COSMETICS or COSMOS ORGANIC label issued by ECOCERT on our Terra biocare cosmetics ensure that the cosmetic product contains at least 97% (or 98%) of ingredients of natural origin and that at least 95% of all that is of plant origin , comes from organic farming. It also guarantees transparent information to the consumer. In fact, it requires that every organic ingredient is reported in the list of ingredients and that the exact percentage of natural and organic ingredients is reported on the packaging of each product.


Logo 97% | BeC

At least 97% of the ingredients (98% for Cosmos) must be natural and processed according to processes authorized by Ecocert / Cosmos. The remaining 2 or 3% must also be approved by Ecocert / Cosmos and be safe and with low environmental impact.

Logo 95% | BeC

At least 95% of the raw materials of agricultural origin must be bio certified

Logo 95% | BeC

At least 20% of the total ingredients present in the formula must be bio certified. the minimum is 10% for rinsing products containing a lot of water. Water and minerals cannot be organic.

Logo no orgine animale | BeC

Ban on the use of raw materials of animal origin, except those produced naturally such as milk, honey, etc.

Logo no coloranti | BeC

Ban on the use of synthetic dyes, synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals, parabens, glycols, silicones, SLS / SLES

Logo no OGM | BeC

Ban on the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

Materiali riciclabili | BeC

Obligation to use biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials

Our objective is to use an Integrated System of Quality, Environment, and Safety, made up of resources and procedures used for planning, development and control of various business activities, aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing the impact of potential environmental risks which may stem from production processes, production sites, and products